Tuesday, November 29, 2005


We like to think of ourselves as intelligent beings. That's an open secret. We dig recognition. That's not even a secret. When you're recognised for being intelligent, it gives you a kick. You want to throw your hands up in the hair, hold that head high and do a little jig.

All of this held true in a class where I made a suggestion that the professor loved and even recommended to his client. Yaaaay! The seemingly insignificant pleasures of life truly make it worth my while and yours.

Go on people, don't be afraid to raise that hand and blurt out the little thought. Who knows? It could be your big moment.


P said...

what was the suggestion? details! reminds me of the intelligent conversations we used to have! Stock market crash of 1929 and all. LOL!

divya chandramouli said...

oi prashanth, don't get me started on just HOW good the old days were! well, the suggestion made was for a measure to enhance the existing customer relationship management programme of a retail brand like shoppers stop. i suggested the use of shopping bag to create a differentiation between most valuable customers and run of the mill shoppers. maketh sense?

Rakshit Doshi said...

i hit the comment button to ask u which of those many many intellegant suggestions that you have made, are you feeling euphoric about? but prashanth made life easier. thanks.

that was a brilliant suggestion though. LOL, lately you have been impressing quite a few faculty/lecturers... bravo!

odd baby names said...

I don't read *that* many blogs – but it's exciting how much you pick up about names and their meanings! I remember learning a theory about names and their meanings in one of my psychology classes which said that people prefer things to either be either new and simple, or familiar and complex. divya chandramouli, do you think that applies here?

Divya said...

if u google search loving divya....one of the pages displayed in the top 10 is urs....another mine!
i didnt know that until my statcounter pointed it to me!!
anyways.....congrats on the smart suggestion.....n u r the third blogger Divya im findin in as many days....
ha if i didnt have an exam tomm, i wud have read the rest of it, but since i do..will be by later,
PS: hope u dont mind long comments!!:P

Harish Anand said...

I must admit, being in the line of branding and Corporate PR, that is a smashing idea. Though as a 'run of the mill' buyer, I might have a few heartburns initially, I guess its just the same as getting a boarding card reading 'Economy' on the top right opposed to a boarding card reading Club Premiere/Royale/Raffles, etc as a means of entry to a cubby hole called an airplane and having all the other privileges the ones with bestowed pockets are endowed with. Anyway I'll stop now.

Rick J said...

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