Friday, December 30, 2005

Yeh Mera India!

I marvel at the wonder that is my nation. Each day, each moment, there's an Indian who makes it to the top of whatever he / she set out to accomplish. As proud as I am about the India which is ambitious yet grounded, progressive yet rustic, these little nothings bring a knowing smile to my face. A smile that reflects my love for India despite all her quirks!

Facial, manicure, pedicure, hair trim and Boob cut offered at Bobby's Parlour

All days open , Punchure shop

This is a Chennai special that everybody who's ever passed G.N. Chetty Road would have had a mighty ha ha about:

Nasity Boys cricket team

I'm always on the lookout for such quirky posts... does anybody know where I can find these laminated boards which have these goofy lines printed on them? The look of these boards is very retro, very funky!
And just before I forget, aren't you super duper happy to be Indian? :)


Anjana said...

What about Gay Travels in Valluvar Kottam? I wonder if they get any straight business :) Boob cut, brilliant!!

divya chandramouli said...

rofl! good one anjana. that's something i haven't seen. i remember when a friend and i first read the "boob cut" board, we nearly fell off the bike! :D

Shaik Abdullah K said...


Sairam said...

so.. i guess u havent been to mahaboob mutton shop yet ;)....

Amardeep said...

hmm .. saw a board with more snippets (of all the places) in the wash room of Goa Portuguesa / Culture Curry (Mumbai) - fantastic place to eat out at ..

Calcutta gave me two priceless ones;

1. Outside a dentists shop - All shorts of detal treatment available

2. On a telephone box on the Hazra crossroads - Pubic Telephone