Saturday, February 25, 2006

Movies. Magic.

Last night, I got to spend some quality time with the 'girls'. Booze, Kiran and I saw the highly acclaimed movie, Crash which has won itself a string of Oscar nominations. When a movie is spoken about to a great extent, your expectations mar the experience of enjoying the movie for all that it is. Once again, Crash proved that audiences are a tad bit more intelligent that producers and marketers are willing to give them credit for. True, the screen hall was more empty than full, but the few people who did show up were transported to an alternate world - a world that was more real than reel. With an underlying theme like racism, I was skeptical as to how the film makers would have approached the script any differently from what we've seen before. I must admit, I love it when I'm pleasantly surprised. Power packed performances that laid to rest my theory of expectations. Slick editing that lent the film a beautiful, seemless flow. Pay offs that were placed with great meaning and most importantly, a script that stayed true. I must also make a mention of the presentation of credits which was superb! I could go on about everything that one must watch Crash for, but I'll stop here and urge anyone reading this to simply go and watch it.

P.S.: While the movie was all about America, the girls and I discussed how racism is more than prevalent in India. Something for all of us to chew on, to digest the prejudices and spit out the fanaticism.


politically_incorrect_guy said...

Racism in India? You must be specific and say whether you refer to racism or color prejudice or about casteism. Race and Caste are not same, btw and you have as many black "upper castes" as fair skinned dalits over here.As far as i understand no one here is discriminating other based on whether he or she came from aryan or dravidan race.

politically_incorrect_guy said...

of course there is this north -south divide out in India and caste discrimination, but that is totally different from racism. It is typical of Leftist intellectuals to lump up problems and always raise the placard "we are worse, we are bad".... uve just fallen for that one.

divya chandramouli said...

politically incorrect guy - first up your identity is quite ironic to your views. :)

let me just say that while "racism" as a term might not be applicable to the indian context, the content of the film can be brought to an indian context VERY easily. i speak from experience so i firmly back what i have written.