Monday, June 12, 2006

B'lore Chronicles.

This has been long overdue.

I must say I enjoy life in Bangalore.

The ‘newness’ has brought many challenges, some that seem invigorating like paying attention to the finer details at work, some that seem petty like fighting with your roomie over décor colours (half an hour later you feel like a big slob who temporarily lost her composure).

B’lore is a lot more like home, only with far better weather. The music is much improved and thank goodness for that. There are the odd days when the residual effect of Himesh Reshamiya overdoses still linger but it won’t be long before he’s history. In my head atleast.

The attitude of most B’loreans is something I can identify with. They aren’t quite the go-getters that Mumbaikars are, they like to live life in their own cocoon, at their own pace. Some might loathe it, but I quite like it. I wish you didn’t have to battle bad roads and incorrigible drivers to go out with friends… worse still, you have to be seated by 7 or the pleasure of trying to catch a glimpse of your friends’ heads over some overgrown monkey is all yours!

I know this post has very little structure.. it’s like my fingers are stuck to the keyboard and they are choosing to go to whichever letters they deem fit… So, go ahead, make what you want of it. When I’m a little less numb from looking at numbers, the posts might get better. I’m not promising. :)


"A" said...

but even then u seem to be having a better time than most others at jobs here "post xic" ....and there are exceptions like u here too. and there are the few who stil are looking for that break (which i know will come ...and am waiting for it to happen).

These xic ppl keep meeting often mostly on fridays least once a month. so its not like we have forgotten each other have we?

and keep posting all sorts of general rubbish ...its good to read ( so long as i dont hear your voice!!! )

Rakshit Doshi said...

mighty rudre of aussy there, but its nice to look up a frnd for updates all once in a while. number crunching huh? thats a tuffy.... all the best and from what i rmbr you are far better with words than numbers... :p... keep tapping the keys. tc

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