Thursday, November 09, 2006


I haven't looked forward to going home with such eager anticipation in quite a while. Friendly faces, reassuring conversations, slobbery welcomes, sleeping in my own bed and even getting yelled at for not knowing how to wear a saree... Seems like a fun proposition. :)

Need this time off to deliberate. To think things over. I hope the return brings with it the clarity I seek desperately.


austin said...

hey this is really a bad place to remind you of this ....but are you comming for the XIC reunion on 16th...or not?

divya chandramouli said...

i'm hoping you read this again to check austin, i'm not coming. booohoo! i'm thinking of a trip in march if people will be free then. we shall do another reunion of our own! :D

tangled said...

You write once a month :D