Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Is it really easier when you ask?

You said ask and I did.
Only, last time 'round the subject in question was someone else.
Now you know how it's tough to answer, leave alone ask.

I wish it didn't hurt. Not one bit.
Then again, if it hurt any less it would have never been real.

I wish I weren't this broken.
I'll be made of steel soon.
After all, I just lost my last chance at a happily ever after.


tangled said...

Is it easier? Only if you believe that the truth will set you free.
Then again, truth is the biggest lie there is.

Come back soon. Many hugs from the T.

T.R.J.Nair said...

oh dear


I don't give hugs. How 'bout a nice smile? Er...toothy grin that could be a nice smile in dim light?

And don't overdo the steel. Would be quite a tragedy.

Hari said...

A never after, never ever was real. After all, it becomes just another fall...
So if it did really hurt any more, that wouldn't make it any more real at all...
You just grabbed your chance at a happily never after... :)

divya chandramouli said...
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divya chandramouli said...

hari, that's absolut raspberry talking. :P

and rahul, as hard as i try i'll never be completely 'steely'. no worries. :)