Monday, September 10, 2007

On being big boned.

Most people would say watching 'We, the People' is perhaps not an ideal way to spend a Sunday evening, but, when the debate was on Fat vs Fit, I was all ears. And eyes.

There were all sorts that comprised the panel, the ones who loved the fat they were in, the ones who were skinny and still wanted to lose an inch, the ones who followed every diet in the book and the rest. Many questions were put forth that elicited answers that were close to my heart. While it really takes no science to figure that we live in a hypocritical, judgmental society, certain things said on the show I will not forget.

I for one have never been happy with my body. I cribbed. I still do. I still wish my largish arse away. I've also stopped making excuses and started making an effort. It takes time, but, I will do this the right way.

Random thoughts that follow:

People always use how much weight you have gained or lost as a measure of how much control you have over your life.

The way you look counts. Say it again.

There never existed a happy skinny woman.

Men don't 'need' to care as much. The fat pay check helps on

Fat defense. Never works. People see right through the insecurity.

Not all fat people are gregarious / intelligent and not all skinny people are self-obsessed.

Worry about Fitness. Forget about Fatness.

Your genes WILL tell the final story.


Sriram said...

nice read..i counts more than fatness..i have heard SPB say ..he is fat ..but he has had no health problems till he doesnt give a rats ass about it..well what can u say

Lavanya said...

Hi Divya, I happened to come across your blog and really loved many of your posts. I did know a Journalist Divya who worked for Indian Express and a Vidya Mandir passout. Are you the same person ?