Wednesday, April 20, 2005

My Favourite Things.

On a lazy Wednesday morning, I sit back and think of everything that makes life worth the while. Here goes, in absolute random order:

1. Indian advertising : everything from desi to urban chic. It makes t.v viewing that much more fun!

2. Fudge greeting me each time, at the door. I yell at times, for he never tires... but if it stopped, I would miss it like crazy!

3. Never ending telephone conversations where you're discussing everything under the sun, and the world starts to make sense.

4. Good writing. Hail! The good books keep piling up!

5. My folks. Despite every idiosyncrasy in the world.

6. Shopping sprees...yoo hoo! Junk and more junk, here I come!

7. A nail biting, close cricket encounter. Nothing quite like it!

8. Hearing J's voice, fighting sleep, even at 2 in the afternoon. The voice that makes my day.

9. Friends. Need I say more?

10. My brother, who was whiny just yesterday but seems all grown up today. Strange, are the ways of boys!

11. The World Wide Web : It's a crazy world out there, and I can't seem to get enough of it!

12. India. Maa Tujhe Salaam. Thai Manne Vanakkam.

13. A lilting melody. A pacy drum roll. Music, is the food for my soul.

who says lists need to end on even numbers?!?


Manu said...

you forgot me [:P]

divya chandramouli said...

" friends. need i say more? "

i didn't name any of my good friends but that doesn't mean i forgot you! nutcase.

Saady said...

nice !

Dosai said...


Dosai said...
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Dosai said...
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Dosai said...
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divya chandramouli said...

thanks saady! i must say, i really like the colours on your blog. tried leaving a comment, but there was some goof at my end.

dai, dosai...thanks da, but did you have to say it these many times? :P

Dosai said...


Saari madam. I dink i hit jubmit jho mani dimes. Anyways mo kamment mone fun wonlee

Mike said...

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