Sunday, April 24, 2005

Sunday Splurge!

A perfect lazy Sunday afternoon to follow a perfectly lazy Sunday morning. It's been a while since mum, Bharat(bro) and I have bonded, so this was the perfect setting. There goes that word again. We headed out to Spencer’s to burn some happy holes in dad's pocket.
I don't quite know when my brother grew up. As if him shaving for the first time wasn't a sign enough, he now picks out absurd clothing. T-shirts that read 'Cool'. Even as brothers, boys will just be boys! As we passed by the women's section, i gazed fondly at the myriad colours on display. Mums never miss these dramatic moments, they only get more animated picking out their favourite colours. It never strikes them that we are the ones who have to wear the outfits! I'm blessed to have a mum with impeccable taste, but for the less fortunate folks, I quite understand. I refuse to be a pretentious intellectual snob who abhors shopping. Hot pink and zesty aqua do bring magic to your life. Your sense of style is yours and yours alone. There are no two crazy beads sporting Divya Chandramoulis.

Lunch was the highlight of my day. Nothing like jostling amidst a Sunday crowd to lay your hands on that plate of pani puri. The food didn't leave much room for conversation, but this was just like the old times! Perfect, I say!


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