Monday, May 02, 2005


Over the last few days, a strange lady has paid me a few visits. Honestly, it doesn't get stranger than fate. Her modus operandi can truly create a tsunami in the most prepared minds. After all, how can you prepare to bump into someone you cared for immensely, but haven't spoken to in the last two years? How can you prevent a smile from appearing at the corner of your lips when you rewind into the crazy moments you've shared with that special someone? How can you stop the tear from rolling down when you feel the pain, as if the knife never did become blunt?

How can you bring yourself to perform a kind deed for a person you have no regard for, just because there was a person asking you to who cared as immensely for her, as you did for someone else?

How do you stop a chance virtual rendezvous from happening? One that brought with it a flash of the adolescent years, full of insignificant trials and tribulations? The years that seem full of embarrassing stories that you laugh off in the years that follow.

How do you stop life from being bittersweet?


P-H-A-N-T-O-M said...

what is this mysterious rendezvous all about?

Metlin said...

Wow, ever tried writing mysteries?