Thursday, May 12, 2005

My rant rap.

cling. clang. clutter. flutter. mess. stress.

oh how i wish time would find itself a concord!


Dosai said...

All that sound woke me up wonlee ;).

Metlin said...

"They say Time is the fire in which we burn."

-Dr. Tolian Soran, Star Trek: Generations

Is it any wonder then, that such majestic a fire sees no reason for concord? Time is its own harmony, its own music and its own bittersweet melodies.

Hello, grandpa eternity.

Metlin said...

Rather, hello grandma death.

(If you know the reference, you're far more depressing than I ever could be)

divya chandramouli said...

tough choice that right mnk, especially when grandpa eternity is a big bore. alright people, i'm messed up now... just needed to push things out of my head... thus, the noise. :)