Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Some place you call Home.

A month back, today would be just another one of those days where you laze around, stuff your face, flip a page or two and stare at the tele for endless hours. Little did I know that in less than ten days, my life would spin at a pace that would definitely beat the pants off Narain. I now find myself spending my last week in Chennai for come Monday and I will be a Xavierite, a Mumbaikar. While I am excited at the prospect of building a great launch pad for my career in Mumbai, I am equally apprehensive about flying the nest.

Chennai has borne my presence for the last twenty years. Every first happened here. My first day at school where I threw a fit (enter the drama queen). My first examination (probably the only one I studied for). My first academic award (those dried up as fast as they came). My first silly fight with a best friend (come on, we all have loads of those). My first crush (while everybody was obsessed over the Khans I chose the specy sporting geek). My first movie with friends (honestly, these outings were first signs of freedom to choose your way of life). My first badge (class leader, enough said). My first defeat (you live and learn that at times, in losing you win). My first kiss (!!). My first responsibility ( loved each moment of being in charge). My first heartbreak (as hard as it seems, you do get rid of emotional baggage). My first job (no matter what place, what work, the experience is invaluable).

I’m sure there are several firsts that I have forgotten to mention. These were the few that tumbled out in an instant. As I gear up to make the first big move of my life, I hope my firsts in Mumbai are just as memorable.


Ashwin said...

Oh Ma You nailed it...

Forget first things in life...counting the last things are even more heavy and yet enjoyable...

My last walk through sardar patel road in adyar..

My last mysoorpa at krishna sweets

My last "setting-the-hair-right" at besant nagar beach

My last copy of adyar times

My last tanning with chennai sun

I have been to bangalore for a few months and could not stay there...

Now it s back to me chennai and adyar..

Paradise in earth ile?

BTW I am running a pozi scheme for people who will post comments in my new blog...


Sharad said...

Good Luck in Bombay , Divya ! I'm sure you'll have a great time :)

Metlin said...

Hey, Divya. First off, congrats are in order, way to go!

Hope you have a good time at Mumbai, am sure you'll do well.

Goodluck & Godspeed.

Sairam said...

Divya like a very wise man once said ... enjaai, jamaai ... enjamaai !!!