Monday, July 17, 2006


I'm happy as ever even though my nose is at its runny worst. Fudge, for the uninformed-my dog, is back in action!

The last time I went home it was heartbreaking to learn that Fudge was diagnosed with preliminary arthritis and he also had an enlarged heart. We switched him onto a prescribed diet and he's doing SO much better. :) He's been his usual, frisky self. *touchwood*

A homecoming that was perfect. Sloppy, slobbery perfect.


"A" said...

just wanted to ring in the joy of the blog up again


i know nothing about your dog ( except that he is huge ) wouldnt like to comment on that

read the comment u left me on the *austeeeen austeen*...i GOT WHAT U WANTED ME TO GET ...*wink wink*

keep it up :-)
( blogging i mean )

Ni-V said...

what wouldn't I give to get a welcome like that??? :-D

Anonymous said...

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