Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me?

I love birthdays. I do.

It's that one special day where the world cuts you some slack and lets you celebrate everything that you are. Everything you have become. Everything that you stand for. Everything you truly believe in.

So... what's different this year?

Not very much. I'm still counting the days to the 23rd of July. *Post me something nice people, and by post I mean courier... I want your love to be tangible! :)*

Yet, the times are different. The pressures are something I've not quite faced.

Marriage. I recollect my mother vaguely suggesting the noose would hang post 22.

This is quite a classic 'angel vs devil' storm brewing up inside.

Imagine a flaming red-haired Divya, radar in place, with a fork in her hand, screaming : "Freedom. Gone. Space. Don't think about it. Compatibility. If it don't happen, this is history sister..."

Imagine a peaceful *this WILL take some imagination* Divya, clad in pristine white saying : "Belonging. To wake up each morning and know someone's there. Sharing. Where someone else's joys become your own. And... someone will pay the bills and do the taxes. *I'm all for equal financial footing in the house, just that I can't stand the process.* :)"

Aah... to be four again, and just worry about the colour of your pretty dress and those blue balloons floating, close to the ceiling, just not touching it.


Khizzy said...

i totally relate to wat ur saying!

Anonymous said...

Hey kiddo

I will make sure that noose does not hang too fast. Just hope other people in my life do not see this comment.

One thing I cannot picture is the demure Divya in white -----
Can you guess who is posting this?

"A" said...

@dude/babe.....( reffering to anon )

i can play the guessing game too
come scrap my blog ....haunt me

*i love being in the attention seeking*

i guess shammy is free ....y dont u give it a try?
Lesbianism....Feminism...same difference....u go girl

SFX : faint shenai music in background and some funny guy trying to sing zombie with it

divya chandramouli said...

hey peri! i guess you're the only one who can try. :)

not that i have something against getting married now or later, just that i don't know how to react to it as a concept. i hope i'm making sense!

at "a": uhm, dude. just so you know, you are inviting my maternal AUNT to play guessing games on your blog. me thinks she aint that jobless. :D AND... shams and i were meant to be the extra-marital item man! :D

praphul krothapalli said...

see the b'day photos of my bestbuddy. you might get a similar one :)

Anonymous said...

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