Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The new 90.

So, I've quit. Resigned. Put in my papers. I did so a month ago, I ought to have left behind a tidy desk by now, you think? Non. Thanks to the organization's "new" three-month notice period policy, I'm bound to the chair.

I haven't the slightest clue (or I might actually) as to why they introduced this ridiculous policy, but, if anything it makes you want to leave faster, much faster. People at positions of authority fail to understand that once a person has made up their mind to move on, it is difficult for them to stay motivated. A mere transition of knowledge or mundane chores is a requirement, I do understand, but, this remains not the time to ideate.

I was ranting to a friend who works in H.R. and he had the best thoughts on the subject - his policy, if you're going, leave a.s.a.p- everyone stays happy in the bargain.

I have a personal computer at home, thank you. I can browse and blog with ease. You don't have to pay me to do so.


mithun.sridharan said...

I personally think the 3 month notice period is good! Atlease, it lets you close any open projects you've been working on. I'm working in Germany and over the past 2 years, I've never worked with so many Indian guys in Bangalore. At the rate of attrition there in Bangalore, its practically impossible to build a network. Getting a job with a better package is by no means a measure of one's competence. Its getting all those in the current job and proving your mettle among your colleagues and gaining a leg up. The achievers don't jockey, but ride the tides. Perhaps I'm wrong from talking on a German perspective, but I could definitely assure that jockeying is definitely not the solution towards a career. A nice post that evokes a flood of thoughts.

- MS

Harini said...
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Harini said...

Thats the problem when you quit.
A lot of others opt to switch companies where this 3 mt notice pd policy doesnt exist.and these companies buy you out by paying the 3 mt notice.
which company did you quit btw?

mithun.sridharan said...

I quit my job at EADS Germany (well known by its daughter concern, Airbus Germany) and joined Sun