Thursday, May 29, 2008

Two tumblers anyone?

It’s nearly six in the evening, our pages haven’t passed and I’m starving. Only, there’s no room for us at the 'privileged' canteen of an institution that’s always classic, always contemporary.

We, the stepchildren of their somewhat new and less shiny tabloid for the I.T. corridor, were canteen demoted. After six months of eating at the canteen meant for those who were truly privileged, we were issued an order by the canteen supervisor, no less, to trudge an extra floor and eat with the other mere mortals.

We could swallow our pride (After all, it isn’t like the swanky canteen offered us exciting company and an incredible ambience) and eat at the 'other' canteen, if only everything they serve there wasn’t so lumpy / watered down.

It’s an issue of basic principle. I’ve heard of 'executive canteens' before but a firsthand experience of the difference between things preached and practiced has left me wondering why anybody would put up with this hypocrisy. There are several respectable folks here, who, I’m sure, have suffered from this variant of the ‘two-tumbler’ system but haven’t breathed a word. I choose to not be one of them. I quit.


anantha said...

You go, girl!

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Did you get interviewed? :D