Saturday, May 19, 2007

Your kind.

A friend at work said this to me, "You know, we all find our kind."
This was said over dinner and it has to do with a person who almost always eats alone.
Made me think of the number of times I've eaten alone. It's always been for the want of a little quality time with the self. We all need that to keep our sanity, my two.
For most parts, I'm a people's person. I'm not all smiles and polite chatter all the time, but, I do make friends wherever I go. And then I say something from within and lose some too, but that merits a different post. :)
I can't imagine myself being alone for more than a certain self-imposed period. I need to laugh at someone, cry with someone, talk to someone, plant kisses on someone and do so much more.
Having said that, I have found a fair few of 'my kind' and I hold them close to my heart.
You know, it would be nice to see someone walk upto her table and eat dinner with her.


Jeseem said...

gosh .. eat alone.
I can never eat like that except if it is some quick burger snack.

hey I am more than ready to give company to the girl. send over the flight tickets and money for food and a metal armour (for my protection)

Su......neer - yetsofar..! said...

"Enjoyable" style of writing, there is passion and humility in equal doses...

Have been reading the blog some time now, got the courage to comment now

Surya said...

hey been quite some time for an update... ppl waitin out here :)