Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The countdown to nowhere.

I’m feeling a sense of despair that I’ve never felt before. Each morning, I wake up feeling empty and I just can’t place why. I don’t know when I ever placed my life in the hands of many others quite like this, but, it is proving to be extremely difficult to win it back.

This new move isn’t helping as much though I do realize I’m being a brat at times. I’m enjoying a lot of luxury at home that I will miss dearly if I move out again. Then again, I miss the independence so much that I’m starting to wonder if I’m just one of those people who’s meant to be at their best when left alone? Or are independence and loneliness two entirely different entities?

Fewer things keep me sane through the day and I’m counting each one down. Only I don’t know when this countdown will ever end. I’m the only one who can stop it and I just don’t know how.

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