Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Four Letter Word.

I've signed up for a GMAT prep class and I have to take their Math classes, every Sunday morning. For three hours. I went to my second class today and the instructor was a lot faster than I'd have liked. Then again, if I began to ask him doubts the class wouldn't go anywhere and that's unfair to the rest of the bunch. All of this is mundane but it serves as background for what's to follow.

When I tell the world I was born with no grasp of mathematics, I can't count, I can't make sense of little triangles sharing planes with other shapes, please believe me. We were discussing Mensuration and Coordinate Geometry this week. Though certain concepts of Mensuration did seem like French, Coordinate Geometry was well and truly beyond me. Given that I was functioning on little sleep, here are my 'staying awake and alive' tips for the day:

1. If everything seems to be a blur and sleep's calling, try giving each eye a rest. I shut one for 20 seconds and then the other. At some point in time, the guy teaching must have thought I was hitting on him.

2. Fiddle with the mobile phone. Pretend to read messages. There are very few people on my list who are awake at that hour who will find humour in this given situation.

3. Write the lyrics to all the songs you're singing in your head in the 'rough' space. There was 'Hands Clean', 'Losing my Religion', 'Change the World' and a few more.

4. Practice weird signatures.

5. Doodle. Draw. Sketch.

6. When the class ends, say Thank You the loudest.


MAHESH said...

Hmmmm... look who I found.... :-)

Improper Bostonian said...

nice post...:-) keep blogging

Improper Bostonian said...
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slaintesurvivors said...

haha! interesting :) I share the 'dyscalculic' bit. The tips shall come in handy indeed ;)

T.R.J.Nair said...

There's no such thing as unfair to the rest of the bunch.


small world innit. Fancy bumping into you hardly need the help, I think?????

Sreejith said...

"When the class ends, say Thank You the loudest" - this should come really handy :)

kAy said...

oh my god :P
ure taking GMAT classes.. im might need to take some GRE classes. i suck at math too.
the things we have to do to get good scholarships!
yes it has been a while hasnt it.
im doing good.
we should email.