Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The weekend that was.

The weekend off at Bangalore has helped me unwind, considerably. That’s good news for everybody who’s had to put up with the crib machine! :)

For the first time in a long time, I managed to stay awake for most parts of my train journeys. Indication enough that the biological clock is tick-tocking in the right direction. The Chennai to B’lore route had me sitting next to a family of four who were visiting India from America. The dad was extremely friendly as he patiently entertained the kids whose curiosity was a little hard to contain. Mixed accents, Spelling Bee version Lal Bagh 1.0, numerous trips to the loo – one kid at a time… I wonder if I will be the mum ten years hence. For a person like me, it seems a really scary thought but I’m learning to leave the doubts behind and view things positively.

Also, I saw several abandoned station buildings along the way and I wonder what ghosts inhabit them. There’s a charm about old abandoned buildings that sends a tingle down my spine. I took a trip down nostalgia lane to a time when my friends and I made up stories about the old building we lived next to. There was the ghost of the old lady (poor woman, our imaginations killed her long before her time), the mysterious helicopter used by the hooded stranger and the several surreptitious activities we thought the house might be used for.

B’lore brought me back to the present. This trip was a first of sorts. I didn’t find the city unpleasantly cold. It was cool and breezy, though; by the end of it all I was / am saddled with a sore throat. There’s always something wonderful about reconnecting with good friends. Over yummy lunches, dinners, interesting shopping experiences, fantastic tennis matches and stay overs, I had one of the better weekends in a while.

Laallalalala. I’m living down the last few days of being 22. Till the 23rd. :)

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