Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Hanging on for Dear Life!

P.S: To any Mumbaikar reading this, pardon my rant... you guys have been there, done that.

This is a day that redefines all other red-letter days. This morning, as I attempted to board the Churchgate Fast Local Train, I was forced to hang out of the train. The train travelled at a frenzied pace and the wind was in my hair. If any of this sounds pretty, it's the next best thing to crossing a Mumbai road blindfolded. How awfully lucky! People in Mumbai must be used to seeing their lives flash before them at such frightening moments. To me what was most frightening was the ease with which I hung on for dear life, it was as if I possessed a latent 'hang out of a train' talent. Ironically, these are the first signs of me finding a foothold in Mumbai. Until the next memorable moment...

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BD said...

LOL!!!! Finally divya got the taste of mumbai! now start the chant "amchi mumbai" :P