Monday, October 10, 2005

Singara Chennai

...and there are some days when all you want to do is find your suitcase, throw a few clothes in and run home, if you have to! For those of you whose heart just skipped a beat, I have no such plans. I FLY home on the 23rd of October. Oh....If only time flew!

I thought of ending my post on that note, but I do want to make a mention of all that brought about this bout of homesickness. I was engaged in a conversation with some of my classmates when I stumbled upon some of their opinions on South Indians, read Madrasis. Terrible looking, lungi wearing, boring, jaya amma worshipping bunch that we are. None of these opinions are adulterated by my flair for drama. It's unfortunate that people seem to shut their eyes tight to reality. They would much rather believe what the movies tell them. Chennai has its flaws in abundance. The rigidity of language, the oppressive heat, the bookworm mentality... all of that I accept readily, yet, if only people would learn to embrace differences. Wishful thinking, that!


Anjana said...

I so agree! All the North Indians at work were warned before they joined the Chennai office, and to their pleasant surprise found that Chennai far exceeded their expectations!

Rakshit Doshi said...

i (d)lowe soudhiees.... they ar so coo(d)l i zay... and lets talk a barter shall we... hows bout having a link of my page on thy site too hum?

Saminathan said...

Yeah - It's very unfortunate that people seem to shut their eyes tight to reality

Its such a pity that people from one part of the country dont seem to know much about the other part of the country or have such GENERAL opinions!! I've heard even people from Bangalore say this!! Bangalore being just 360 Kms from chennai - they think of us this way!! Just wonder if this is coz of Ignorance or just unwillingness to accept the fact!