Thursday, October 13, 2005

See More. Hear More. Know More.

The Sunday that passed by held quite a few surprises. The journalism students from XIC were hosting an evening bash for the rest of us. Train halts and twists in routes notwithstanding, I managed to make it to the campus an hour late. No worries there. The party had just about begun. I wish the students had shown more enthusiasm by showing up for starters. Apart from a smattering of students from ADMA, only the journo crowd hung around. Clannish bums that we are, we further chose to segregate ourselves into comfort zones comprising familiar faces. The bash was just about fun for the music didn't measure up, yet, the highlights of the evening were Saket and Devang's dance moves, Rakshit and Saket(there he goes again!) role playing and the stage performance by Shammy, Melroy, Austin, Yours Truly and another couple of people from journalism. Heck, I don't even know their names so one can imagine how much intermingling did take place! Post the party a few of us headed to Mocha to simply while away some more time.

This trip was different, truly speaking. First up, the crowd composed of people who didn't hang out with each other, who just about said their hi's in college. Socializing with variegated groups does refresh your perspective. The singing bug refused to let us go, so we ended up serenading all of Mocha with 'Nothing's Gonna Change My Love', 'You're Still The One' and a few more Hindi numbers. A few hit the notes, a few others didn't. Big Shmuck! Kudos to us for we even managed to drown out the music playing. Post a few courteous nods of appreciation from the on lookers, we settled into a game of truth or dare. Yes, yes. We managed to get past the customary 'Whom do you dig' phase to some meaningful insights. We unearthed our opinions about each other, which I have attempted to sum up:

Devang - King of Good Times who desperately needs a haircut.

Rakshit - Able Leader of the brat pack.

Dipti - Beauty with Brains. If only we could hear more from her!

Austin - Twisted! If you're wondering... it's a wonderful thing to never think along a set path.

Pulak - Respect comes naturally when you're as sensible as him!

Shuchika - Being blunt has never been as much fun. :)

Chitra - Anything can be set right with a smile.

Saket - ?!?! There's not a talent this man does NOT possess. The nice guy on the block.

Divya(moi) - Loudmouth who has fans for she speaks sense. Gufffaawww! If only my folks read this.... :D

Poulomi - Mistress of Tact. She personifies enigma.

I hope I've done justice to the conversation we had. Thanks fellas... that was a night to remember.


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Anonymous said...

Rakshit Doshi said...

eventful innit?!

and what about this saturday huh? let see if i can beat you to it.... muhuhahahaha!