Monday, October 10, 2005

My Few Minutes of Fame.

Alrightie people... Kya Baat Hai, the show I described in detail in one of my previous posts airs this Friday at 17:30 p.m IST. The repeats are at 13:00 p.m on Monday and 22:30 p.m the Thursday after. Do tune in, if you have the time!


morpheus said...

yup TV star, will do~

madiha said...

will be looking for the 'only pretty girl' in the studio. :)
btw, saw an episode on mae nae gandhi ko nahin mara. I think it is the same show.

Rakshit Doshi said...

[yawn] how people get excited about such trifles is beyond me... [sigh] been there done that same show... wait a minute, i have made this remark earlier i feel.... ;-)

way to go babes... for the sake of madiha, i was on the show u saw (maine gandhi ko nahi mara) so ya, same show. check out your link if u will lady, my part of bargain is thus fulfilled

Anonymous said...

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