Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Kya Baat Hai!

The Show: Kya Baat Hai

The Topic: Cricket and its Future in India.

The Panellists: Mr. Raj Singh Dungapur, Mr. Ratnakar Shetty, Mr. Ayaz Memon

This afternoon I was at the MTV Studios as a participant on their talk show, Kya Baat Hai. Given the topic of discussion, it's no surprise that I had a lot to say. We discussed playing cricket vs playing politics, the zonal selection policies, the inefficiency of the BCCI, the seemingly inane innovations made by the ICC and India's preparations for World Cup 2007. Quite some talking to do in a span of just one hour. At this point, I must veer from the cricket to gush about the host. Cyrus Broacha is one helluva talented man. He refuses to work with a script and all of his jokes, corny nevertheless, are his own. What amazes me most - the humility of the man. He sipped his chai and cracked his PJ's amidst a throng of camera and lights personnel. In a city that breathes and breeds Page 3 Culture, such a sight is like a much awaited blast of cool air at the end of a grimy day. Before I forget, I want to marry a man like him. Enough said about Mr. Broacha. Since this is an interactive show, the Mumbai audience holds a video conference with the Delhi and Bangalore crowd. All I remember from those two sections was the presence of a Mr. Rahul Mehra, advocate who filed a petition against match fixing, who has a mouth that refuses to shut. His final one 'word' was the longest I've heard in my 21 years of being. I must add, he had valid points to make especially about the BCCI's lack of accountability and transparency in operations. I spoke about the Ganguly vs Chappell controversy, as did everyone else and was commended by Cyrus as a 'woman who was passionate about her cricket'. *Grin* I also had several other opinions, but I shall leave that to you guys to witness on MTV, this coming Friday at 5: 30 p.m. I haven't the foggiest clue about later re runs but I shall put up a post soon enough.


Anonymous said...

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Junaid said...

Umm, really, kya baat hai? Indian Cricket doesn't have a future, so why waste an hour over it? But I'm still okay with anything that helps you get on TV. Now only if it were some channel I could watch too. :|

And you know what, one of these days, I'll write a blog too, and then you'll have to comment on it. :P

P said...

Wow! You seem to be attending a lot of these shows!

Pity that discussion didn't veer around to how the nature star charts of Chappell and Ganguly for October. You surely would have had an opinion or two about it!! :p

Rakshit Doshi said...

for a while i was waiting to read your works. its been a pleasure and im not just saying it, i really like your style. kya baat hai!?, badhiya hai. but [snooty look] been there, done that [cleans finger nails on shirt and blows at em]... hehe, hope to see ya on my page once in a while. cheers!